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Hydraulic Shakers

team shakers

Team Corporation has served your needs for over 50 years, five decades of customer satisfaction, to deliver only products of the highest quality and incorporating the most reliable and appropriate technologies. Your Team products are the result of this multi-decade experience and embody the guarantee of a service taylored to your needs.

And to ensure this service is also available on its jurisdiction, Actidyn has chosen to partner with Team Corporation. A partnership also taylored to your needs to better serve them which combines Actidyn’s experience and that of Team Corporation. Your were looking for the best of hydraulic shakers – you have made the right choice, that of a “winning Team“.


Team range of products installed by Actidyn:

Test SystemsActuators and related equipementHydrostatic couplings

Multi-axis high frequency Systems TENSOR™Linear ActuatorsType T8 and V8 Hydrostatic Coupling

Vertical ShakersHydraulic Power SuppliesSpherical Couplings

Horizontal ShakersHydraball


Automotive Engine Simulators

4 Posters

Automobive Valve Testors

Team Brochures


Team Technical Datasheets