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Earthquake Simulators


Where Model and Reality become One


modelImagine between your hands the power to generate – over any one of your models of structure loaded on board your centrifuge – any real life earthquake from its recorded vibratory signature or any synthetically defined earthquake, with a frequency and amplitude spectrum entirely defined by you. And to be able to apply a signal to your model that cannot be distinguished from the command signal. Your Actidyn Earthquake Simulator puts this power precisely between your hands and turns your imagination into reality.

As shown by the superimposed graphs of real and synthetic signals of the magnitude 7.3 Lander (USA) earthquake of June 28, 1992 reproduced on-board LCPC’s Actidyn C84 centrifuge thanks to its Actidyn QS80 Earthquake Simulator, these curves can almost not be separated from one another.

Your model is now airborne. The centrifuge acceleration readout shows 80g. Balancing is perfect. After adjusting a few parameters, you finished programming the quake to apply to your model. From a mouse-click you launch your simulation. Less than half an hour went by between the moment you loaded your model on your centrifuge and the moment you read the results from your experiment.

All in realtime, thanks to the on-board high résolution camera and the many sensors despatched within your model, you just produced the all-important , crucial even vital phenomenological study complementing any numerical simulation. Thanks to your work on your ACTIDYN Earthquake Simulator millions will safely entrust their lives to the constructions around them, to the tunnels and railroads making this world what it is: a better and safer place.


Simulation where Safety is not an option

balancingYour Actidyn two-degrees of freedom QS72 Earthquake Simulator for a type C72 Centrifuge, operates on payloads of up to 700 kg bringing them up to 100 g.

In sine mode with no load, it is capable of generating 60 g tremors and up to 20g at full load. The frequency range of the generated tremors – which can reach up to 5mm in amplitude 1.1m/s in speed – ranges from 40Hz to 350Hz. On both axis. Simultaneously or independently.

This miracle of technology occurs without ever affecting any single part of your centrifuge thanks to the complete decoupling of your model from the arm of your centrifuge. Actidyn investes decades in research and development to achieve this level of balancing and constraints offsetting. The hydraulic actuators producing the simulated tremors were inspired from aerospace applications on-board the spacecrafts supplying the international space station and simultaneously operate counterweights found below the model, virtualy erasing the rocking moments that could imperil the vital part of your centrifuge.

And so your Actidyn Earthquake Simulator is the only one guaranteeing the absence of any fatigue phenomenon on your centrifuge resulting from its use in-flightYour reputation is well worth it.