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Team Tensor Tri-Axis Electrodynamic Shakers


teamTensor™ is the system of choice for multi-axis, high frequency vibration testing applications, providing controllable excitation simultaneously in each axis. Through the use of electrodynamic shakers, Tensor has the performance to produce true multi-axis environmental stress screens or replicate field conditions to frequency levels previously attainable only in a single axis. The TE3 Series of Tensor utilizes hydrostatic bearings in a central assembly called the Integrated Cross Coupling Unit (ICCU). The patented ICCU (US patent number 5,549,005) combines mechanical restraint of rotations with provisions for simultaneous translation along each axis, ensuring very high transmissibility of force without backlash distorting table response.

Tensor permits users their choice of test controller options as well. The design of Tensor does not limit the customer to a proprietary test controller. The ability to operate with the many multi-axis test controllers on the market ensures the best combination of application software and price. This versatility permits the customer to maintain commonality within the lab, reducing the time needed to bring operators on-line with new equipment.



  • Frequency 0 – 1000 Hz (servo-hydraulic)
  • Force ratings up to 30 kN
  • Single axis to 6 axis vibration
  • Displacements up to 25 mm (vertical)
  • Quiet – fully enclosed mechanism
  • High acceleration capability
  • Friction-free hydrostatic bearings
  • Minimum maintenance