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Accessories for Dataphysics shakers

slip tables

SignalForce Head Expanders

slip tablesWhen designing head expanders or fixtures 3D Models are produced using the complete moving system to ensure that all resonances that might be excited are investigated. At least 20 mode types are usually considered.Head expanders are available as round or square shapes, made from cast magnesium or aluminum or as weldments, depending on the required size, operating frequency and budget.


SignalForce Chamber Interfaces

data physicsSignalForce shakers and integrated monobases are easily combined with climatic chambers for environmental stress screening applications (ESS). A range of thermal barriers is available using either phenolic type solid material or closed cell polyurethane foam types, depending on the required temperature range and the application. Chamber supports are standard for designs which require the chamber floor to be removed with the shaker. Shakers can be located below the chamber or removed for maintenance using a simple air-glide system.

Automatic load support ensures the shaker armature is always centralised when payload is added or removed. This ensures full displacement is always available, protects the suspension system from distortion and removes the need for operators to check armature position. Automatic temperature and vibration cycling re-moves the need for manual intervention during unattended testing periods.