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Tri-Axis Motion Simulators – ST3100 Series

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With your Acutronic ST3100 Series Tri-Axis Motion Simulator, you are entering the world of three-axis Motion Simulators armed with Active Motion Simulation Dynamics Technology, conferring your machine the highest possible level of position accuracy for a machine of its type, the broadest range of angular speeds, designed for the testing and calibration of gyroscopesaccelerometersinertial guidance systems and inertial-grade combined-technology sensors. From jet fighter radomes to ultra-high precision submarine inertial guidance system technology, your Acutronic ST3100 Series Tri-Axis Motion Simulator’s performances will amaze you and still exceed your expectations decades from now

Acutronic’s signature Active Motion Simulation Dynamics AC brushless technology empowering your Tri-Axis Motion Simulators built into your simulators’ rigid closed gimbals produce stunning bandwidths and ultra-high dynamic responses on all three axes simultaneously, all the while ensuring the lowest maintenance costs.

Your Tri-Axis Motion Simulators can be equipped with temperature chambers operating from -55°C to 185°C, with a vacuum chamber producing a vacuum of 1.10-6 Torr, made-to-specification slip-rings, Acutronic Fiber Optic Communications Rotary Joints and Acutronic’s signature Fluid Rotary Joints.

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