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Symmetrical arm self contained open door


c18dd 2

Your C18-DD series lab centrifuge by Actidyn is a high precision instrument reaching a 0.0001 m/s2 precision on acceleration. Its advanced “AC brushless” motor technology makes for virtually unlimited lifetime of your equipment with minimal maintenance.

Its direct drive design and AXIDYN controller provide a large bandwidth as well as a high dynamic response.

Available options for your C18-DD centrifuge are:

  • Power and signal slip rings railored to your need,
  • Fluids rotary joints,
  • Fiber optic rotary joint,
  • Temperature chamber,
  • Vaccum chamber.


Your AXIDYN includes modes such as:

  • DC linear acceleration,
  • sine acceleration.


With your C10-C12 series centrifuge you can now calibrate precision accelerometers test small electromecanical assemblies within a wide range of conditions.

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