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Motion Simulation and Control


  • Do your project and your mission need it?
  • Do your technical experts recommend it?
geothermal centrifuge motion simulator actidyn


  • Does your experience point in that direction?
  • Does your team request it?
  • Do your reputation and your image necessitate it?

It is much more than just your intuition and your reasoning that lead you to Actidyn. There are apparent reasons, good reasons and the true reasons to choose a piece of equipment. But all point in the direction of Actidyn.

At Actidyn you will find all competences required by your projects under one single roof. Whether it is mechanics, aerodynamics, material science, nanotechnologies, electronics, robotics or artificial intelligence, we gather for you all the competences required to design and manufacture the best centrifuges, motion simulators and controllers in the world. No wonder then that your Actidyn instruments are so easy to use, so accessible, so safe, lasting so long and reproducing in such realistic fashion the phenomena you make them simulate for you. The software behind your Actidyn machine’s brainpower was designed by the same Actidyn team in charge of designing your machine’s mechanical and electronic structure. Your Actidyn machine’s software and physical structure work in perfect harmony. With a simple mouse click, a touch on your touchscreen panel, you can now control, master and put at your service the power of a technology giant, the ultimate simulation, etsting and modeling machine. The only limit to your experiments is now your imagination.

Your Actidyn centrifuges were designed for applications in fields as varied as aeronautics, nuclear engineering, naval construction, soil mechanics, medical reasearch or civil engineering, basically everywhere the human genius turned dreams into reality. They are widely used for the calibration of sensors, the behavioral study of mechanical structures, of parts under acceleration or the simulation on reduced-scale models in geotechnical engineering. The Vibrafuge goes even one step further and allows the study of materials under combined constraints.

Regardless of the application they are destined for, your Actidyn machines are designed to simplify your tasks. They offer a natural access to the Unit Under Test. Their control systems are greatly intuitive. With your Actidyn machine, you have just acquired the guarantee to be able to concentrate exclusively on your experiments and tests.

ProductsAnd you are not alone. You now belong to a transcontinental community, a world network of Actidyn machine users with whom you can exchange ideas, tools, and share success stories. Virtually every geotechnical centrifuge in the three meters and above category currently in service has been designed and manufactured by our team, among which the most poiwerful ever built to-date, for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station (Vicksburg-Miss.), capable of bringing 8,000 Kg to 150 g or 2,000 Kg to 350 times the earth's gravitation.

But let’s not forget your Actidyn motion simulators and their controllers whih benefit from a multi-decade experience of our team in the field of motion simulation, but also from the application of our know-how in the field of giant centrifuges. No wonder then that your Actidyn motion simulators onstantly surprise you with their power, agility, versality, precision and ease-of-use. They, like all other Actidyn signature equipment are unique because Actidyn is unique in its approach and know-how.

Finally to serve you always better and let you benefit from our expertise in the field of vibration analysis, Actidyn offers a whole range of shakers, control systems and vibration analyzers.

Your project and your mission needed the best. Your technical experts recommended it. Your experience pointed in that direction. Your team request ed it. Your reputation and your image necessitate it. Congratulations – you have now an Actidyn machine, the only that comes to mind. Actidyn, naturally.