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Mission, team, individual

Here at Actidyn we know the power of words and for this reason we give them the greatest importance, especially when it comes to our mission and our values.

This mission of Actidyn is to put at the service of our customers, the technology that will allow them – at an ever decreasing fraction of the cost of real-life testing – to simulate and modelize the static and dynamic phenomena to which their products are subjected.

Our customers are at the heart of our mission and rank highest in our daily preoccupations. Our mission starts with them, is executed for them, regardless of the role and the position each individual team member occupies.

Which is why, during the execution of our mission, we do never prefer the word “I “over “We”. What is true within a family applies within Actidyn. In our code mission comes first, the team comes second, the individual comes third and we use experience and our values as our guides.

Inverse hierarchical pyramid

f there is one pyramid describing adequately Actidyn’s philosophy, it is represented in the diagram below.
A reader attentive to hierarchy might observe that our CEO directs our ship from the bottom edge of the pyramid from where he orchestrates the activities of our team devoted entirely to the satisfaction of our customers.
A reader attentive to values will note the seat reserved to our customers – at the top of this construction erected with only one aim: to serve them and bring their satisfaction to a level above their highest expectations.

This is in sharp contrast to a more traditional hierarchy and its protocols usually described as follows:

Do you have what it takes to join us?

Should Actidyn be hiring for one of the positions in this section, and should you be ready to invest your time with us all the while permanently keeping in mind the needs of our customers and our costs, if you have a passion for your scientific discipline and that you share our values, we invite you to contact us.


Published on 24/02/2020

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